Rise: Report completion by reviewing the whole course and passing the assessment.

Aug 26, 2019

I created a compliance course. I used "Complete all blocks above" buttons and restricted navigation to force users to review all the content. At the end, I used a quiz block to mark their acknowledgment: "I received training and I agree to follow the policies."

Yes (100% complete)

No (0% incomplete) 

I selected the "Track using quiz result" option to mark the course complete on the LMS only if they select Yes. However, now the client would like to have free navigation. How can I have marked it complete once the user reviews all content and agrees to the acknowledgment statement?

A. If I change the navigation to Free and select the "Tracking using course completion," users can jump between the course and will only receive Complete if the review it all. However, they can select No, and still receive a Complete.

B. If I change the navigation to Free and select the "Track using quiz result," users can jump to the quiz and select Yes to receive a Complete without reviewing the course.

Thank you for your help in coming with a workaround

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mariana!

When you choose free navigation, there isn't a way to ensure learners don't skip any lessons. Since you want them to view every lesson, I would suggest sticking with restricted navigation.

After a learner views every lesson, they'll be able to go back and navigate freely through all the lessons without restriction. 

Would the client be open to restricting navigation the first time through the course, then having free navigation after all lessons have been viewed?