Rise reporting course completed/attended when quiz failed

First off, I am love, love, loving Rise...and how quickly I was able to create a quick eCourse that reviewed some key info, allowed me to embed a video, and quiz learners on what was covered.

I have successfully exported the eCourse to SCORM 1.2 but during testing my LMS admin encountered something strange: the LMS progress detail reported a status of failed with a 100% completion and the activity roster in the LMS showed a status of attended, score 0, completed.

I had to adjust and lock the navigation of the course (not my preference but necessary given my audience) to ensure that all 3 lessons are completed, I set the tracking to be contingent on the result of the quiz (set up to have a passing score of 80%, allowing unlimited attempts to pass the quiz), and the reporting to be passed/incomplete.

Has anyone else encountered this?




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laurianne,

I'm so glad to hear you're loving Rise - we are too! 

As for the LMS issues you're having, that's not so fun. I know our team is taking a look at a few different issues, but I'd want to know if you could share a copy of your exported Rise course with us? That way we'll be able to test it in SCORM Cloud as well which is an industry standard for LMS testing. If you'd also like to test it there, you can follow these steps to upload it as well. 

EH&S Training

Thank you for your response! I have made a few adjustments and exported the course again hoping that this might resolve the issue. I am waiting to hear back from my admin to see if these changes did the trick. If not, I will share my zip file accordingly.


Laurianne Horner

EH&S Training

Hello again...my latest version of this Rise eCourse produced a different challenge. Failing the quiz did not produce a completion, however when the quiz was failed, and the course closed and reopened, to retake the quiz does not work. The course skips questions, does not update the score, and does not record a pass. If you go to the lesson prior to the quiz and then retake the quiz, it records a score but does not update/report out accurately in our LMS. I have attached a copy of the course to see if you can help...

EH&S Training

Hi Ashley,

Sorry for the delay...I was locked out of my computer so IT could do some work.

Thank you for looking into this for me. The answer key is as follows:

1.) last

2.) True

3.) ensure the safety of others

4.) vacuum cleaner

5.) surface cleaners such as Rad-Con

6.) True

Lesley Condon


We are experiencing a similar issue for some newly created Rise modules.  The module settings require an 80% pass mark with a maximum of 3 attempts.  When testing the module in SCORM Cloud, if I fail the quiz the first time and close the module, when I reopen the module it skips the first few questions i.e. goes straight to question 3.  It also allows me to reattempt the quiz 3 more times (so four in total).

Can you help?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lesley, 

The issue initially described here was something fixed in Rise  - when did you last export the course?  If you've exported it since my last reply here (mid April) and you're still running into the problem can you share that export with our Support Engineers? We'll get to testing it right away.