Rise Responsive Design not Working in LMS

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble understanding why my Rise course is not being responsive in my LMS (Inquisiq). Attached are two screenshots. One shows the course in the browser adjusted on my cellphone (large text, menu is automatically retracted). The other is the course in my LMS on my cellphone (desktop version, small text, menu is automatically opened). Right now I am trying to find some documentation or requirements for Rise's responsiveness to work within the LMS but I can't find anything apart from Browser support. Does anyone know what I should do in this case?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lauren,

I'd check with Inquisiq to see if they restrict content to a particular viewing set up on mobile. I've seen a few similar scenarios where the LMS forced content to launch in a specific LMS app or iFrame on the web page which could account for the display issues you're seeing. 

To experience the responsive content that Rise creates, it must be accessed by an application that fully supports the HTML5 standard.

We’ve listed the browsers here that support the HTML5 standard and display Rise as intended, so you'd want to check that you're using one of those. Another option is to see how Rise displays outside your LMS in another environment such as SCORM Cloud.