Rise: Restricting Quiz from course

Jun 03, 2018


The quiz templates are allowing users are go thru course in-between quiz questions, when the sidebar is opened. Is there is any way to strict the navigation during quiz?

Also if I close the side bar, then I don't get a link to review the course again if the user fails the assessment.

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Katie Riggio

Glad you're exploring Rise, Jaffer! I'd love to help explore this scenario with you ☺️

From what I'm understanding you'd like to keep the sidebar menu available for your learners, but not have the ability to retake the quiz enabled. If that's right, you can achieve that by setting your course's Navigation Mode to Restricted. More on that here!


Then, simply modify the Quiz Retries option of each test to None within their Quiz settings. More on that here!


That way, your learners can view lessons in sequential order and go back to the quizzes to review the material without the retake ability. Here's a sample course to show you how this flow would look!

If that's not quite right – would you mind walking me through your goal as I'm curious to know more and would love to share more ideas. I'll be here!

jaffer sheriff

Hi Katie, 

Thank you for your reply.

I think the question wasn't explained clearly. Let me elaborate it again thru steps.

Consider I have a course (6 slides) which ends with quiz (lets say 10 questions).I restricted the navigation of each slide & quiz as you said.

  1. Now I launch the course, navigate through all the slides and reached quiz.
  2. At the 5th questions, I want to sneak thru the course slides again to know the answer before answering the question.
  3. Now I click the slide X in the course (lets say 3rd slide).The slides open, I get information what I need.
  4. I return back to quiz (to the same question 5 back) to answer and proceed from there again.

This above sequence is what I was want to restrict, I don't want the user should navigate out during Quiz. Also if I remove the sidebar, then the quiz ends with no "Revisit Course" option. The users will struck in the assessment entirely.

Hope you got it now :)

I don't want to restrict the quiz attempt :)


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for that further explanation, Jaffer. I think I've now got a clear picture of what you're looking to do!

I've got two suggestions for you:

  1. Disable the Rise sidebar. This will prevent learners from going back to previous lessons while they are taking the quiz.
  2. After the quiz, add a blocks lesson with a button block. Select "Lesson 1" as the destination. This button will allow the learner to go back to the beginning of the course after they complete the quiz. 

Does that help you accomplish what you had in mind?

Laurie Strauss

Disabling the sidebar alone doesn't prevent learners from going back to completed lessons once they've started a quiz. There's still navigation at the top of the screen if they scroll up. There's not a setting that I can find that lets you turn off "Previous" navigation but keep "Next." How do we solve for this? Thanks for your help!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Laurie!

I would suggest disabling the setting for previous/next navigation and using button blocks to allow learners to move back and forth between lessons. 

On the quiz results screen, a Continue button (shown below) will appear if you have both the previous/next navigation turned off and you haven't included the sidebar. 

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