Rise Restrictive Release

Jan 09, 2018

Is there any way to make an interactive item 'non-restrictive?'

We have restrictive release turned on, however, we have an interactive map with markers. We are trying to make it so our clients do not have to click on every marker in order to move on. Is this possible? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Antuan, 

The restricted/free navigation setting is for an entire course, but it sounds like you're looking to enable it on a lesson by lesson basis? A neat idea - and one I can pass along to the team! 

In the meantime, have you looked at using the Continue block? Here's a quick video to walk you through it!  You could use this to restrict certain areas or sections of your lessons, and then set the overall navigation to free.

Antuan Bell

Well, let's say if you have a 'Labeled Graphic' and you're using markers. If you have 'restricted' set, it will require your visitor to click on every marker before allowing them to continue to the next module. 

So if I have 10 markers, the visitor must click on every marker, instead of just clicking on the marker that may apply to them and/or their scenario. 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for clarifying that, Antuan!

If you're using Restricted navigation in your Rise course, the user will be required to click on every marker in the labeled graphic lesson. You make a good case for allowing learners to bypass those markers, so I'd be happy to pass that idea along to my team!

Thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see. 😊

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