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Karl Muller

I do not have a solution for you, but have experienced similar issues.

A few days ago I replaced several images in a course. Yesterday while working in the same course, I noticed that all of the replaced images were displaying the old images again.

Several months ago there was text in a course that mysteriously rolled back to an older version. I thought I was losing it, until I found a PDF version of the course that showed the changes, but the online version of the course was the version before the edits were made. As it only impacted a small amount of text I fixed it manually. Certainly odd.

Doug Doyle

Since I build Governmental Regulatory training, I cannot afford to have old information. I wonder if the Articulate servers are hiccuping or experiencing short blackouts. My guess is the server RAM is shorting. I'm not even an IT guy this but would make sense. Sounds like time for maintenance, again. Thanks for chiming in. If it happens again, I'll start a ticket and point to this discussion.

Karl Muller

Coincidentally I'm also involved with Governmental Regulatory training. When we have content changes, we need to be extremely precise with numbering, wording, and punctuation. I don't have the time to go back and check everything I did previously, so hopefully these random rollbacks are very limited in nature.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Doug and Karl. I shared these observations with my team so we can look for downtime or mishaps. We definitely don't want you to need to rebuild content.

Please let us know if you are seeing this behavior often. Helpful info to include will be the course title, the lessons that changed, and approximate times of creation. Thank you!

John Maher

I had a similar problem on what looks like the same day this issue was reported, but it wasn't noticed until a week or two later that the content had reverted back to a previous state. Content was being changed in a few other areas of the courses after that, so it's hard to keep track of what is new and what isn't and when it was changed.

Karl Muller

I'm still experiencing this a few times in a week. There is no discernable pattern or sequence of events that leads up to it happening. Also the reversion changes are quite small.

For example I will create a text block with a subheading, then copy and paste my text from Word, then create another block. A short while later while scrolling back up the page, the first subheading will be back to the default text.