Rise/Review 360 issue?

I'm having issues adding Storyline blocks to Rise via Review 360.

Specifically, when I try to publish to Review 360, the assets do not appear in My Content nor do they appear in Rise when I try to add them as Storyline blocks. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I've tried both IE and Chrome. I've tried uploading a new asset and a new version of an existing asset. Neither of these worked. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ian. A quick test of publishing a new version, and an updated version, of a Storyline 360 interaction to Review 360 worked for me. I could see it on my Review 360 dashboard and when I tried to insert it as a Storyline block in Rise 360.

Have you worked with more than one Articulate ID? Please go to 360.articulate.com, log out, and log back in. Then, log into your desktop app with the same credentials, and try the process again.

Let me know how that goes!