Rise Review Login Issues?

Hi, I sent a Rise course out for review and have "Allow users without Articulate IDs to comment" selected, but it's still forcing a login/password combo. I tested this using an incognito window and after I tried commenting and entered my email address, it forced me to enter my password. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Megan!

Review 360 will ask a user to enter a password if it recognizes your Articulate ID. Since your email address is your Articulate ID, it will ask for your password.

If someone tries using an email that is not an Articulate ID, they will not be required to enter a password. You can test this by entering a very unique email address like sample+email+98765@gmail.com

Let me know if that helps!

CompliSpace Learning

Hi. I have the same issue. My reviewer is being asked to login, but as far as she is aware, she doesn't not have a ID. She has previously reviewed other courses, without issue -just asked to add her email, but no password.

I tested the Review file for the course, attempting to comment using a personal email address, without issue.