Rise SCORM Course Progress does not reset after course is completed in an LMS

Jan 31, 2020

I found out through Articulate Support that Rise was designed to always resume where the learner has left off, so even when they complete a course, if they choose to view it again, it starts in the last block.  This seems odd to me.  I can't think of any other training I have viewed or created where this is the norm.  They are tracking requests for a feature to allow the course to resume or restart, but I guess it has not made it to the roadmap yet.  Does anyone have any ideas for a workaround to get a completed Rise course to start from the beginning when viewed again?  This just seems to me how it should be and this is what the client wants.  I'd use another tool, but they will all be on mobile devices, and Storyline just does not play nice on mobile devices. The player does, but not all of the content does, and the few SL360 blocks I tried to add to the courses just didn't look good and having to click a play button with a black background was unacceptable to them...course just did not flow seamlessly for them.

Thank you!

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Karl Muller

In our organization, learners love the feature being able to resume where they left off even after completing the course.

There are no settings in Rise to control this.

If you are using a LMS, depending on the features of the specific LMS, you may be able to set the course to always restart from the beginning once a learner has completed the course.

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