Rise scorm progress not saved from iPad only

I am having a new issue tonight of Rise progress not being saved from iPad.  I have logged in with the same user from multiple browsers and from my up to date iPad.  I am unable to get any progress to send to the LMS from the ipad.  From the ipad moodle app, i was able to get past the scorm to a conditional quiz but when I checked the logs in my admin side it didnt even show an attempt at the scorm package from the ipad.  The other browsers and devices all seem to be working fine.

To add further confusion to this I just did some more testing.  Old scorm packages that worked fine before are not tracking in ipad.   Weirder yet, I did the module on a laptop and have completion showing int the lms.  When I log in on the iPad it still is not showing completion or tracking anything.  I can see now this is not an articulate issue.  I have never seen this before.  Maybe something with my iPad I guess.

Any advice from anyone?  I am supposed to be launching COVID-19 materials to 900 paramedics tomorrow and not looking forward to the support calls.



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hey Crystal.

I appreciate your response.  the more I look into this, I don't think this has anything to do with Articulate.  I am guessing there was a change in IOS and my moodle version is not caught up to it as nothing from ipad or iphone is working correctly from any browser or the Moodle app but MacOS, Windows and even my Galaxy phone are all working fine.

I cant delay the release so I will have to put a notice out that IOS is not supported until I figure this out and deal with the backlash.