Rise SCORM Publishing - Change Completion % in SCORM package without republish?

Hello.  I have 50 courses I want to publish, but want to have three different flavors of the SCORM packages (so 150 SCORM packages), example, ones that allow 100% completion, 50% completion and 0% completion for marking complete.  

Is there a way to change that setting in the published SCORM package anywhere, I looked through many of the .js, .html, .xml files.

Can each SCORM package be changed and rezipped or does a republish have to happen for every file?  For example, once published to 100%, make a copy of the .zip, extract, change a file, rezip.

Thank you.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jeff!

The best way to ensure your SCORM output files work correctly is to publish each output directly from Rise 360. I know you're working with quite a few files, so I can understand that you are looking for a shortcut! I'll open the floor to the community to share their tips for modifying the published output.