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May 25, 2018

If I create a Rise course, I know I can export for Web-only, but how would I upload it to Sharepoint for our team to use.  I know I can unzip the folder that is exported, but what are the technical steps to upload it to Sharepoint so that it can be used.  I know I can get a url if I share it, but is there any time that that share url wouldn't work? 

Here is the back story, I have a client that wants us to create a course for them, that is like Rise, but that can be uploaded into their Sharepoint and their team could use it.  They don't want to use the LMS. If you have another solution that would be able to be used. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Catherine!  You should be able to host Articulate content in SharePoint Server. However, it won't work with SharePoint Online (the Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Edition), since it doesn't support HTML files.

If you're using SharePoint Server, check with your SharePoint administrator for instructions on how to upload HTML content. Depending on your version of SharePoint, you may need to switch to "explorer view" before uploading content, or you may need to "check in" content after uploading it. Your administrator will know for sure. 

If you find that your Rise content hosted on SharePoint is blank when viewing it with Internet Explorer, check out these steps.

Let me know how you make out!

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