Jan 31, 2018

I really hope I'm doing something wrong and that Rise has the capability to combine content choices.

Here's my dilemma:  I have a lesson on XYZ Topic and I want to start the lesson with interactive content, like a sorting activity or a labeled graphic.  Then I want to immediately move onto the actual content.

GREAT!  EXCEPT: Rise only lets you choose one or the other per "lesson". 

I can't add blocks to a lesson that I started with a sorting activity; and vice versa. I have to make a whole new (titled) lesson.  Because of this, my course outline is looking mammoth in size, when all I want to do is combine the learning methods.


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Karin Rex

I believe that what you really want to do is use Blocks instead of the pre-built lessons to accomplish this.

The pre-built lessons will always stand on their own in your course TOC -- as their own "chapter in a book" so to speak. So you will only want to use those particular features when you want that item to stand on its own as a chapter.

I asked earlier this week about being able to use some of those pre-built features within blocks, because of the same reason you are asking. For example, I would like to be able to create a labeled graphic as a block within a lesson. Apparently, this is something Articulate is considering.

This product just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER.

Liesa Yeargan

I would absolutely love to be able to add blocks to a pre-built lesson (other vice versa). It would be nice to have the ability to add some additional content to a labeled graphic, for example. In the technical training industry, I use labeled graphics for software navigation intros, but then have to create a whole new lesson to add any additional information such as a video sample or even text. Please definitely run this up the change management flagpole! :)

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