Rise Storyline Block displays large no matter what the original file size of the Storyline 360 file.

I created a Rise course and I want to use the Storyline block to insert A Storyline 360 file. The Storyline 360 file has format size of 390w x 540H.

I inserted the Rise Storyline block and took the Storyline 360 file that I published to Storyline 360 and inserted it into that Rise Storyline block. When you view the Storyline 360 in the Rise course it displays so large that it does not fit on the screen. That is not a very large format file size and it does not display with crisp lines. It is like it is enlarging the format size. Before this last one I had created a larger version. After downsizing the format size it did not make a difference on how it displays.

Have you had this issue before and can you tell me what is the cause and how can I fix this?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, LaVon!

It sounds like the original project had a larger slide size. Then, you republished a new version of the same project with a smaller slide size. Is that right?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the project with the larger slide size is actually the one you're seeing. Here's a good way to check:

  • Open the Storyline file, and double check that the slide size is 390w x 540H.
  • On the first slide, add this text so you know you're looking at the new version: "Slide Size: 390w x 540H"
  • Republish the file to Articulate Review.
  • Delete the Storyline Block, and re-insert a new Storyline Block with the new version.

Let me know if that makes a difference!