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Oct 02, 2018

I am trying to publish Rise files to SuccessFactors as AICC files. We don't use icontent so I can't do SCORM. I've read every discussion on this topic and can't find an answer.

I have figured out how to get the courses to play, so if anyone is struggling with that let me know and I'll be happy to help. 

I can't get the courses to fall of the learning plan consistently. I'm completely stumped. I've had three of the courses fall off and when I retry them they won't fall off. The other courses won't fall off at all. 

I have a relay file with "scormdriver/indexAPI.html" in the main folder on our server. 

For the launch method I have set:

The file name to end with scormdriver/indexAPI.html

The offline file name and parameters to end with relay.php

Thank you in advance for help.

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Elizabeth Dennis

I figured this out if anyone else needs help. My courses have quizzes. 

  1.  Set your Rise course to complete by Passed/Failed.
  2. Export the course. 
  3. Open the zipped file.
  4. Open the .au file in Notepad/Wordpad and change the url to Https://server_and_path/folder name/scormdriver/indexAPI.html and close
  5. Open the .crs file in Notepad/Wordpad and add the folder name for the course ID
  6. Transfer all these files into the folder on your server
  7. Add your relay.php file 
  8. Open your relay.php file in Notepad/Wordpad and edit the 2nd to top line to say $strContentUrl = "scormdriver/indexAPI.html";
  9. Upload your files using the SuccessFactors AICC import tool
  10. In SuccessFactors go to Content and look up your course
  11. Go to Launch Method
  12. Change the File Name to https://server_and_path/folder_name/relay.php
  13. The offline file should be: https://server_and_path/folder_name/scormdriver/indexAPI.html
  14. Add to the Parameters field: https://server_and_path/folder_name/scormdriver/indexAPI.html
  15. Set the rest of your settings the way you usually would. Don't forget to set your mastery score for your online content and to record learning when content is passed. 

These steps worked for me - the courses played and they fell off the learning plan. 

Brett Lee

We have 30k learners that use IE, and AICC. Can someone from Articulate respond whether or not there is an update to make this work like it should (automatically at import for SuccessFactors), or if course authors publishing for AICC really have to do the 15 step workaround? It looks from this ticket that this has been an issue for 1 year. Seems like a no brainer that this should have been addressed with a fix. And in the process, could you not have Scormcontent and scormdriver folders in the AICC package. That seems really hinky, right?

Deepa Nirmal

Elizabeth, thank you so much for your workaround! I was able to use it with AICC & SuccessFactors and got my course to mark complete. One thing I found I had to do was insert a second folder name because the zip file I sent for LMS upload had a subfolder. I wasn't able to add the relay.php but the scormdriver/indexAPI.html  ended up working.

Really grateful because now I don't have to create everything in Storyline and can actually use Rise for authoring in our environment. Woot! You are my eLearning Hero!

Deepa Nirmal

I have a new problem with trying to publish a Rise course. Any ideas? What's different this time is that there is a Storyline block and the course completion is tied to the completion of the Storyline interaction.

I am not sure why that would cause a problem, but who knows. I have edited the code on the .crs and .au files and the LMS (SuccessFactors) can't even find the content object.


Deepa Nirmal

Alyssa, the issue of completion doesn't arise because the LMS doesn't even locate the object. Elizabeth, I don't think I am doing anything with Content ID...I followed all the same steps as last time (change the .au and .crs files in the zip) but got a different result. So I began thinking about what's different...grasping at straws, I know.

I'm going to try exporting to SCORM 1.2 because I'm told that may be a workable option...stay tuned.

Ahin KH Wong

Hi all,

I tried to implement this solution in AICC. In the beginning, it works. The course can complete and resume. However, after several days (around 2000 participants completed this course), the course suddenly keeps to pop-up this error and the course can't launch with a blank screen.

So, I'm curious that is there any limitation on this relay solution. For example, the number of launch to this relay, number of participants to launch the course together, limited time/duration to host this course, etc.?

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