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Katie Riggio

Thanks for the screenshot, Stacey! Yikes ..really sorry you're experiencing this oddity; first time I'm seeing this myself.

I mocked up a sample Rise course here where I'm having a little trouble recreating what you're encountering, so I still need your help.

  • Does this issue happen when in Edit or Preview mode, or both?
  • Can I confirm what browser(s) you're experiencing this issue in? Here are the supported ones for Rise.
  • Can I confirm where you're copying the text from–Word document, web browser, or something else? 

Additionally, would you mind sharing your Rise course's Share link with me, so I can run some tests?

Stacey  Boon

Thanks for your quick reply Katie. I am seeing this error in both edit and preview mode and am using Google chrome. I'm copying text from a word doc, but already to cleared formatting and run the text through notepad to strip formatting.

I'm sending the link:

Stacey  Boon

I think I figured it out. Pasting as plain text (using right button mouse controls actually removes the formatting box.) I grabbed this text from table in word. I guess it was carrying the box over....but it's weird that it didnt' happen every time. Also weird that clearing formatting in articulate and using notepad didn't strip that away. ??
If you have any other insights, please share!

Katie Riggio

Oh no, Stacey! Looks like the Share link got cut off again.

We’ve been seeing some wonky things with Rise Share links in the forums lately. Would you mind recording a Peek of you copying the entire link? Be sure you copy all the way to the end!

In the meantime, I think you found the culprit! From my understanding, since the Clear Formatting button will clear the formatting for text, it will not remove any inserted tables. Another option may be to remove the table that houses the text during the content transfer.

Really appreciate your time, and I'll keep standing by! ☺️