RISE - Try Again is not appearing after publishing to LMS (Require Passing Score To Continue)

Hi guys,

We have a course that has a passing score % set, turned on the Retry Quiz and Require Passing Score To Continue. When testing the course in the LMS, the Try Again option at the bottom of the quiz results screen is not visible to all testers working in Chrome. There is no rhyme and reason for it as we are all on the same browser/version and dont have any blocks or firewalls stopping anything.

Has anyone else encountered this yet and if so, do you have a fix?

Try Again missing




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bailey,

Thanks for the screenshot! Are you saying that the try again option is available to any learner who is working in Chrome? Have you been able to recreate this problem when you test the course in Chrome?

I'd be curious to see if the same issue happens when we test the course in SCORM Cloud. Could you attach the LMS output file here, or send it to us privately?

Bailey Bowyer

Hi Alyssa,

Sorry, no. Its supposed to appear for all who dont meet the pass mark but its not working in Chrome for no reason. It seems buggy. A user who couldnt see the Try Again logged back into to do some more testing for me and can now see it, yet everyone else who tried still cant... Its weird.

Ill upload the file and send it across now.