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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gail,

Interesting idea! I haven't seen a tutorial for Rise learners (only Getting Started info for authors).

Perhaps a quick Peek screen recording of how to start and navigate your course would work? You would have to link the users to that outside of Rise - but perhaps they see that first and then they are given the link to access the Rise course itself. 

Would love to see what you end up creating and I hope you're able to share here with us! 

Marie Barnes

Thanks Ashley--Maybe I misunderstood--I thought  the request was for a tutorial for LEARNERS to take regarding Rise.

Rise is easy to use from a creators perspective, my problem is that my agency isn't used to receiving eLearnings in this format and they're struggling with the new navigation etc... I've added some tips and additional explanation of navigation into the course but I was looking for/waiting for was something for the learners.

Marie Barnes

Thank you! I agree, (or rather, I used to agree) that it doesn't seem like it'd be necessary for the learners... I thought it was intuitive and easy to use... I didn't anticipate any problems... However, at my state agency that was the number one piece of feedback I received on my first Rise course--people didn't know what to do or how to make it work :/ they were too used to the way we've always done eLearning in the past (navigation similar to storyline)

Ashley Terwilliger

Sorry for my confusion too, Marie! I saw the comment about Adam's video and Katherine's note about being a new user herself and I went the author route. 😀

I haven't heard of any plans to create a learner's tutorial - but I'd look again at the Peek idea and share that with your folks as a video! That would show where and how you can click on items. 

A lot of the design and navigation of Rise kept the mobile device in mind, so sharing that tidbit may help folks see the navigation similar to something else they're used to using like their iPhone? 

Keep us posted what you end up creating, sounds like it may be something others in the community could benefit from!


I got push back from our LMS administrators because of the new look and feel of the course compared to previous Storyline courses. They're concerned our learners won't know what to do in the course and will spike an increase of calls to their call center. So, I'm having to add a beginning slide explaining to users that they need to SCROLL to get to the next lesson - essentially explaining that they have to pay attention and read all the content on each slide (duh).

It pains me to do this since I reviewed the course with a large group of non-technical nurses and NONE of them had an issue with navigating the course. 


Stan Dormer

Hi folks,

We needed to create a short piece on how to use Rise learning, for novices, and also to point out that some of our productions used Storyline. So we created this short Rise presentation to let them find out as they go:


It didn't take us long, and it's not the most sophisticated of productions, but we can link folks to review to see it before they start or in our case in our LMS we provide this as the first learning module for new users by including it in their invite to join our LMS.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Phyllis,

We don't have a printable guide, as a lot of the features in Rise are demonstrated via video or linked to other sections of the articles and we're always adding new features - so it would be a lot to keep updated in a printable version! You can take a look at our User guides here, and print out the pages that you need.