RISE: Upload video from my computer

I am using blocks and want to embed a video in the tutorial.  I see that it wants a fully qualified path, so I moved the video to a server.  Now I get an error because the there was no SSL cert on the computer.  http wont work but https will.

Rather than buy SSL, I am sure there is a way to just upload my screen capture mp4 file from my computer (or server) and I am just missing the boat.

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Sharon Lehman

Hi Laura, I am not an expert at all but online working so thought I'd answer in case I can help.

I have found two ways for incorporating videos (and again - not an expert). 1 is to embed a video hosted elsewhere (i.e. I have some that are hosted in my YouTube account and unlisted and then I have embedded them in the rises) or 2. You can indeed upload an mp4 into the rise (I have a mixture of both).

to add an mp4 in Blocks > Multimedia > Video (then just upload your mp4 file)

to add video hosted elsewhere Block > Mulitmedia > Embed.

Hope this helps in the interim!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Gail! 

Rise displays the first frame of the video by default, and I'm wondering if the first frame of your video is white. If it is, there are two options for correcting this using a video editing tool like Replay 360. 

  1. Trim the white frame(s) from the beginning of the video so that the first frame is an image of the video itself.
  2. Add an image to the first frame of the video. 

Let me know if you'd like some help with that!