Rise Video Block Not Saving Progress in Video

Nov 02, 2018

I'm using video blocks in a lesson, and using the course on SCORM Cloud (SCORM 1.2 export).   Videos used to resume in the place where the user left off, if they exited the course during the video.  The placeholder image would show, but when they hit play and it would resume their progress. 

I am no longer seeing this behavior with videos.  Has there been a change to this feature?  I have tried it with allow forward seeking on and off, but the behavior was the same.  The course is still correctly tracking progress on other items in the lesson (e.g. Continue buttons).

Older Rise courses that I built are still resuming properly. 

Thanks for any help!

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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Dave!

Rise will remember if you left off in a Block lesson and return you to that lesson, but it won't pick up at the point in a specific block where you left off, such as the middle of a video block.

Standalone video lessons do resume at the point in the video where you stopped, so that may be what you were thinking of. 

Let me know if you have more questions about that!

Senior  Director

Yes, the previous ones I am comparing to were standalone video lessons.  

Now that everything is a block and these standalone lessons are not available, is there any way to use the resume functionality for video?  This was very helpful and Rise became our tool of choice for video content on our LMS. 

I tried having a block lesson with only a video, but that didn't work. 



Heather Adams-Wedel

I'm also having issues since there is no stand-alone video block. Prior to the latest update, a stand-alone video block would not show completion until the video was done playing (or pretty close to done...) Now, as soon as I hit the block it shows complete. The only option I've seen is to add a continue block...? Not super helpful when I have to add another step for something that used to function well on it's own.


Thomas Crawford

I am having a similar issue.  We have several training modules that require users to watch a video.  I disabled forward seeking so they watch the video in its entirety.  If they have to leave and come back to the video, they must start over.  I do have a continue block that is locked until the contents of the item above is complete.  Any suggestions?