Rise Vs Storyline for same audience

Hi, would like to get some thoughts on this. I understand the differences between Rise and Storyline from an authoring perspective, however, I'd like to know if you've had experiences in delivering courses using both the tools for the same audience. Our learners who have taken Storyline courses may find RISE courses a bit 'different' because of the nature of the programs itself. I'm keen to know if this may lead to any inconsistency in the overall learning experience for our suite of learning offerings. Any thoughts?  TIA. 

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Prathiba! 

That's a really interesting question, thanks for posing it here in the E-Learning Heroes forums!

I'd like to think that the authoring tool used to create the content should not have any impact on the learning experience, because it's the actual content itself, not the tool used to create it, that lets a learner gain new knowledge and skills. 

I also find it can be really difficult to accurately measure "learning" and the "learning experience". How to do that objectively, without just relying on learners' feelings, thoughts, or opinions, is challenging. 

If anything I would hope that, as a learner, experiencing a course that is different or new from what I'm used to (say, first time doing a Rise course after completing only Storyline courses that all look of a similar style) would be exciting and intriguing. 

I'd love to hear from others in the community on this topic! Thanks again for bringing up this interesting subject. 

Tom Kuhlmann

I was at Learning Solutions last week and a few people told me they've gotten really positive feedback on the Rise courses from their users. The main points were that it didn't look the same and they didn't have to click.

I also hear from some Rise developers that they like the consistent look and that it kind of discourages decorative images in the way Storyline or PowerPoint slides do. In that sense, I'm sure that adds to the novelty of the experience for the end user, too.

Looking forward to what others add.