Rise vs. Storyline tracking completion

Sep 04, 2018


I'm using Cornerstone On Demand's LMS. I've noticed that when a course authored in Rise completes, if it's set to mark complete using a Storyline block, it doesn't automatically mark complete on the user's transcript.

When a user completes a Storyline course or a course authored in Rise that doesn't use a Storyline block to track completion, their transcript page automatically refreshes and the course is marked complete. On a Rise course with a Storyline block marking it complete, the course is marked complete, but the transcript page doesn't refresh automatically, which makes it look like the course isn't complete at first glance.

If the page is refreshed manually, the Rise course marks complete, it just doesn't refresh the page automatically. I'm not super familiar with the inner workings of SCORM. Does the course send a command to refresh the browser or something that maybe the Storyline block doesn't send? 

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