RISE. What is the LMS launch file in the published course, published in AICC, published in SCORM2004?

About me > I have much experience with Articulate Presenter and Storyline 2 using AICC publishes - working in our SuccessFactors LMS.

NOW...  We are very excited to use RISE and am spending the weekend experimenting with  it and am uploading published RISE test courses in AICC and SCORM2004 (edition 4).


I cannot find a clear launch file for our SuccessFactors LMS in the published (exported) RISE course. 

For AICC exports, there is no index_lms.html.  And no index_lms_html5.html for mobile access.  I have also tried the yourcourse.au file in the root of the published directory as the launch file and the /scormdriver/indexAPI.html.  None of those work. 

For SCORM2004 exports I have no idea of what is the LMS launch file. 

I cannot even find the file that you click on to launch the course  viewing the course outside of the LMS, like what you can do for Presenter and Storylines...(presenter.html, or story.html)

Can anyone orient me on this ?

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Sharrilyn Schultz

The completion method was 80% passing score of the exam. Published in SCORM 1.2

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John Wolff

So has anyone gotten SCORM 1.2 publish of Rise to finally work consistently in IE with SF LMS?  I am still seeing some of my users not receiving completions in IE (not consistent across IE).  We point to indexAPI.html inside the SCORMdriver folder and are able to get completions to occur via IE most of the time but I still have some users who have 100% completion on the course indicator but the completion status is still not being passed to the LMS.  Anyone else seeing this?