Rise360 Persistent Logo

I need the company logo to stay somewhere on the page throughout my Rise360 course.

Are there any strategies you are aware of to achieve this?  As you can see in the review file the logo appears on the first page but does not remain in view as you progress through the course.

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Tom Kuhlmann

A few of ideas:

  • Make your logo smaller and then insert into an image/text block with it set to 25% image. It would look something like this. You'd need to mess around with the padding between that block and the one under it.
  • Use Quote B. Insert the logo. Then add the text (if needed) as the author name. You can resize and recolor it. Example
  • Then save as a template and insert it whenever you need it.
Tom Kuhlmann

At this point, one of the easiest things to do is to create the block with a logo and save it as a template. When you want to add it to the page, insert the block from templates.

If you know you always want the logo on the page, create a page with the logo on the bottom and then save that as a template. And start the lesson from a template.