Rise360 Restart Failed Quiz

Here’s the problem I’m seeing:

I view the course
I take the final quiz and get 100%
I then revisit the course
I take the final quiz again, but fail this time
The course still sends out the original 100% pass mark instead of the new failed score

Is there an option in the publish settings to restart the quiz when revisiting? 

In the various online help for this problem, iSpring has this dialogue option and I wondered if Rise does too?


Ideally we need courses to “reset” their previous quiz scores when the user revisits them, and I don’t know if Rise has this functionality.  

Any help would be appreciated! 

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Karl Muller

Hi Kevin,

Rise does not have this functionality.

It sounds like you are using a LMS. There are two factors at play: the data Rise sends to the LMS, and what the LMS actually does with that data.  Each LMS works somewhat differently. 

Most LMS's that I have used do not record the actual percentage achieved in a Quiz/test. Your LMS may record the percentage.

When a learner completes a quiz, Rise will check if the passing grade as set in the Rise quiz has been achieved. Based on your selection for Reporting on the Export page, Rise will simply send either Passed/Incomplete or Complete/Incomplete status and nothing else. That's how it works for our LMS.

Once our LMS has received a Passed or Complete status once, it doesn't update beyond that, because the required mastery level was achieved. 

Depending on the functions of your specific LMS, it may have a setting that will allow you to reset the quiz results every time the quiz is re-taken.