Routing / decision points in Rise 360?


my team is developing a series of courses that include both shorter and longer branching scenarios. After almost fully developing the courses, we received information on some important changes in the content. Due to this, we will need to find a solution on how to add a few extra decision points to the courses - How I imagine it: When the learner comes to a point where a branching scenario starts, he has the option to choose if he wants to learn about X or Y product. So, he would be routed to X or Y branching scenario. 

Wondering if this somehow might be possible in Rise - in Storyline it is, but it would be too late for re-do the courses on another platform. 

Any tips&tricks are welcome!

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Edit!  One thing you could do is add a button stack in a lesson prior to your X or Y scenarios, and then let your learners click the button that corresponds with what it is they want to learn about, then have that button branch them to that Lesson in the course.  I recorded this Peek to show you what that might look like! 

Edit Vizer

Great - thank you for the Peek! I think this should work for us! Another question - we've been just brainstorming on this: Adding buttons or hotspots to the content inside of the scenario - Would there be any possible solutions/workarounds for that? I know that Rise has a labeled graphic block for simple pop-ups- and we could "hide" links in there, too... But not sure if we could do something similar inside of the scenario - it is quite locked, right?

Crystal Horn

Hello, Edit! You're going in the right direction -- You can use interactive blocks, like the labeled graphic block, to encourage learners to click and reveal information.

There isn't another way to add a "hotspot" to your content. But tell me a bit more about what you'd do with the hotspot. Would you link to another lesson in the course, or hyperlink to external web content?