Saving Storyline Block Data from a Rise Course

Oct 11, 2022

I have created a 3 question survey in Storyline and want to include it in a Rise course.  I have to use storyline to collect survey data because Rise does not allow me to ask questions that do not have a correct answer.  When I test the storyline survey in ScormCloud by itself, it accurately saves the interaction data to the LMS.  However, when I include the storyline survey as a block in Rise, I cannot figure out how to record the data to the LMS.  Does anyone know how to ask survey questions from Storyline in Rise and preserve the data?  I have attached the simple storyline file so you can see the type of questions that I am asking.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Douglas and Melissa!

Rise 360 doesn't send question-level details from Storyline blocks to your LMS. 

You may want to consider using another type of survey tool, like Typeform or Survey Monkey. You can embed the survey using a multimedia embed block. Just keep in mind that you'll capture survey responses within the survey tool itself, not in your LMS.

Liz Tyler


I know I'm adding to many voices, but it would be so good to have a reporting survey block for Rise or at least to have the Storyline question based blocks that can be pulled though to Rise as reportable to an LMS. Also, a really useful feature would be to be able to have reporting data for both a survey and a knowledge check on the same course within Rise.