Scenario at start of a quiz

I have a number of short quizzes in Rise 360, which in turn have a title page which includes a scenario for the quiz before a person starts the quiz and picks up the questions.

Once you have clicked start, you don't seem able to backtrack to the title page other than working through the quiz, possibly getting questions wrong because you don't understand them, and then coming full circle to the "start quiz" page which has the scenario on it.

Learners would then either have to have two browsers open, or copy/paste the scenario into Word (or equivalent) so that they can always see the scenario. Not only is this not a great learner experience, it's time consuming because if you have multiple short quizzes within a course, the learner will need to keep doing this so that they can see the different scenarios.

So, does anyone know if there is a way to easily get back to the title page of a quiz in Rise, without a learner losing where they were in the question area?

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Karl Muller

As you have described, once the quiz has been started, you need to follow it through to the end.

So you cannot get back to the quiz title page without interrupting the quiz.

Having two browsers open is also problematic if you are using a LMS.

Perhaps put the scenario in a PDF that can be opened separately, and keep it open during the quiz?