Scenario blocks - Can't change scene label from "New Content"

Is there a way to label the sub-scenes within a scenario block (in the left menu)? I can't seem to figure out a way to do this without going into the dialogue and having it show up on the screen. I'd like to use a labeling system for organizational purposes that will not show up in the training.

I've tried every intuitive thing I can think of, but I can't seem to change the title from "New Content." This is turning into a huge logistical problem.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

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Karl Muller

Edit your scenario.

View the page where it shows Scene 2 and 2,1 New Content directly below it on the left of the page.

Now switch to the right-hand panel.

Click on Add Dialogue.

Type your text to replace "New Content". Note: this text WILL show up in your training and this not what you want.

Keep in mind though that learners cannot see the Scenario block "menu".

Natalie Sikes

Thanks for your response. I am really looking for an option in which I can
label the menu in a way that is not tied to the Dialogue feature on the
right panel. I have a pretty complicated scenario and need a good system
for labeling the sub-scenes so I don't lose track of everything, and I
don't want these labels to show up on screen.

I've been spending hours on one scenario (and re-doing it) because I'm
getting lost trying to trace back all of the threads to their proper paths.
I had to put in dummy labels via the Dialog panel to temporarily replace
the "New Content" labels just so I can organize everything. However, I'll
need to remove these labels once I go live or else they will appear on

I was hoping that I could just double-click or right-click on the menu item
and enter in text. This would be especially helpful in Rise since the
system does not show the branching visually like in Storyline. This seems
like a pretty basic feature that I hope they will add in future updates.