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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, Edward! 

We added character limits in the Scenario Block to make sure your text is legible on all devices, especially on smaller mobile screens. What's more, shorter text segments make the interaction more conversational and natural. 

If you need to add more text to a dialogue content, consider adding a few text contents between dialog content. 

Want to see what that would look like in action? Check out Nicole Legault's Acing the Interview scenario. And If you want an inside look at exactly how she built this scenario, click here to send a copy of the course to your Rise 360 dashboard

Edward Hoke

I checked that out. Thanks Alyssa -  while I understand the mobile thoughts, isn't it up to the designer to test and see how it looks? Why not leave it up to us?

Regardless, I have noticed another item that is not working for me as I have expected:

Trying to get a scenario behavior to work.

I have spent way too much time, so probably missing something.

It is a short scenario:

Scene 1.1 “Go to: Next in Scene”

Scene 1.2  Character’s question


                01 Correct Statement with Feedback, Go to Closing Summary 1.3

                02 Incorrect Statement, Try Again

                03 Incorrect Statement 2, Try Again

Scene 1.3 Text Summary Statement, “Go To End Scenario”

This is where it gets squirrely:

Scene 1.3 Text summary, that clearly has “Go to End Scenario” selected, does NOT go to this, but shows a “Start Over” button.

 It is not what is set up.

Also, I have tried to customize the copy of the “End Scenario” page which is just not something I would ever design – I wanted to use this Scene to summarize and not have another scene in the Scenario – but this is not an option from what I can see.

Thanks for any assistance!  Ed

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ed. Thanks for continuing to work through it with us!

I created this Peek 360 screencast to show the 2 ways that scenarios can end:

  • Ending on dialogue content will show a message that uses course labels.
  • Ending on text content will show a message that you created in that content item while editing the scenario block.

Also, when you preview inside the scenario block, it uses default labels rather than the custom set you've chosen for the course. Do a course or lesson preview to see your full settings in effect.

I hope that helps!