Scorm 1.2 with Scorm 2001 API's

Honestly, I have no idea what this means but my LMS provider is asking me to see if rise packages SCORM 1.2 with the SCORM 2001 API’s. 

Apparently, the content i am exporting is being packaged as SCORM 1.2 but the tracking date (result passed back to the LMS) are being stored as SCORM 2004.

Does anybody know how I can test this theory? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Lesley Condon

Hello! I'm using DOTS Percepium

I have has a look at Justins advice contained in one of the other discussions you linked to however i cannot get the Debugged package to load. The advice is below. 

I'm not sure where else to look, 



Here are step-by-step instructions if you prefer:

Download this zip file to your computer and fully extract it (it contains the custom SCORM driver).
Export your Rise course as a SCORM 1.2 LMS package and save it to your computer.
Extract the zip file containing your Rise course, then open the scormdriver folder.
Copy the custom scormdriver.js file from step 1 into the scormdriver folder in step 3 and overwrite the existing file when prompted.
Open the scormdriver.js file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
Find this line of text:
And change it to:
Save and close the scormdriver.js file.
Now zip the files for your modified Rise course and upload it to your LMS. (Don't zip the folder that contains your Rise course, just the course files.)
Launch the course from your LMS and reproduce the issue you're troubleshooting. The course will open in one window, while the debug log will open in another.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lesley, 

Are you unable to upload the Rise package to your LMS after enabling debug mode? 


When you launch the course, the debug window does not open? 

As Alyssa mentioned we've seen a few reports of some Rise courses published for SCORM 1.2 not loading in some LMSes, and if you're able to gather that Debug file and share it with us, that'll help our team continue troubleshooting! 

Lesley Condon


It won't actually load into the LMS. Although i that may be because i haven't completed the debug package correctly. I've attached the standard zip and the debugged zip for your reference. The error message we get from the LMS is attached as well. 

The whole scenario came about because the LMS wasn't populating the valid from and valid to dates when the user completed the module. This module must be completed every 12 months. The LMS owners have said that this is a problem generated by the Scorm file. We have several other SCORM files that work and all published the same way so not sure why this file, in particular, doesn't work.

Thank you. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lesley,

Thanks for sharing those files! I took a look at your original, and set up the debug on that version and uploaded to SCORM Cloud here, so that  I could compare with the version you set the debug on as well. I uploaded that one to SCORM Cloud too and although the upload process worked on that, it did error out when trying to launch it. So can you try uploading my debug version to your LMS?

Also, the date stamps are something controlled within the LMS - they're not something you'll see within your SCORM File. This is something that is tracked within the LMS based on when the users log in and choose to launch the file. 

Let us know how that version behaves in your LMS, and double check that you followed all the steps here for enabling the Rise debug. 

Lesley Condon


I managed to upload the course to the LMS and it will play (although only through Chrome not safari) and it does record the Completion date, Valid from and Valid to dates correctly. How do i go about changing it to a normal file and not a debugged file in the LMS? I have uploaded it into scorm cloud and tested it also. A copy of the transcript is attached. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lesley,

Glad to hear that worked! To remove the debug launch, you'd follow the steps here to remove SHOW_DEBUG_ON_LAUNCH=true; to set it back to the default of false. 

You could also export from your Rise account again using LMS - SCORM 1.2 and your passing/tracking settings. The steps on exporting are detailed here.