Scorm 2004 reporting with Rise - how granular does Rise get?

Nov 18, 2019


Can Scorm 2004 with Rise 360 report on this:

Can we see reporting at module level? Example: If there are 4 modules, can we see person A completed first 2, person B completed all 4, person C launched but not completed and person D hasn't launched anything? 

Is item analysis controlled by Scorm 2004, Rise, or the LMS?

Thank you.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Carol. Rise 360 output exported for LMS will report on whether the course is complete and whether the learner passed. Reporting also includes the quiz data listed here. Different LMSs will interpret this information differently.

You won't be able to see how much of a course is completed by individual learners, only if it has been completed. Here is how the different reporting statuses work. I hope that helps!

Karl Muller

The key thing to understand is that Rise generates data that meets the SCORM standard, but what each LMS does with the data that is sent to it varies greatly. 

This may sound contradictory as SCORM is a standard, but the reports available in each LMS and how data is represented differs a great deal.

We export SCORM 1.2 and our LMS can report on the following per student at Rise course level:

  1. The learner is enrolled in the course but has not yet started the  course
  2. The learner has started the course and is currently in progress
  3. The learner has completed the course using the tracking criteria set in Rise,
  4. The reporting status set in Rise e.g. Passed/Incomplete.

If I want to see how much or which parts of a course a learner has completed (while the course is in progress), I can view their record for that course but there is no report that shows that information.