SCORM and xAPI status and interaction data from Rise

Feb 02, 2018

Hi. I was hoping someone might be able to give me some up to date information on whether I should expect to see interaction data reported from RISE quizzes  to my LMS? 

From what I can tell:

  • SCORM 1.2 will report a completion status and a score percentage but no interaction data.
  • xAPI will will report a completion status but no score and no interaction data.
  • Storyline on the other hand will report a completion status, score and interaction data.

I'm not sure if I'm going wrong somewhere or whether this is what it is capable of. I'm testing in SCORM Cloud.

Many thanks


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Louise,

The score should be sent to your LMS when you're using Tin Can API. I did a quick test with this sample course from Rise, and uploaded it here to SCORM Cloud. You'll see that after going through the course and taking the quiz my score was reported in this screenshot of 67%.  

So that does show the score being passed correctly to SCORM Cloud. Could you share a bit more information about what you're seeing? Were you tracking by the quiz results - that is the piece which calculates a score vs. the completion percentage which will identify a learner as complete when they've seen X% of the course.

Johann Walter

SCORM 1.2 does allow you to see interaction data, but only the answer selection, not the text. For example, if you have a multiple choice question, it will show you the learner selected "A", but it won't tell you what the answer text was. This is available in SCORM 2004. There's more in this article from Rustici.

The other thing that should be pointed out is that most LMS's that use SCORM 1.2 aren't configured to show the interaction data in their reporting, even though the data has been collected. I would recommend talking to your LMS administrator about how you can access the interaction data, but unfortunately, it's not always possible.

Clinton Otte-Ford

Hi Katie,
I checked out question-level details with the employee-health-and-wellness-sample-course-tincan Course. Like Ashley I was able to get a passed/failed result and the score; however, no interactions for the two individual questions are listed (see attached screenshot from Scorm Cloud).

Is there something you can do in a Rise course to get question-level details?

Also, are you able to share when reporting for all interactions ("experiencing" a page, "playing" a video, "selecting" an option in a button stack, especially for branching scenarios, etc.) might be available for Rise?

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