SCORM file published in Rise is too large

Aug 09, 2021

Hi. I created an SBT course in Rise with multiple avatars and found out that the SCORM file generated is too large (143 MB). I checked the zip folder and it appears that all poses of my chosen avatars (even the ones that are not appearing in the course) are stored in there. Is there a way to disable this? If not, is there a way to reduce the file size of the SCORM zip file?

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Leone Hay

I am having the same issue, I have used 4 characters in a scenario block and the SCORM is over 50MB - too large for our LMS. When I looked into the assets folder there is about 10 poses per character of around 1MB each even though I had only used 3 or 4 poses for each character in the scenario. If it was possible to only download the character images that are used, this might make the scenario block more usable, and perhaps if the file sizes of the characters were also smaller. Hopefully there will be a solution to this issue soon. Please keep us informed.

Steven Benassi

Hi Lisa!

Glad to see Karl has been helping you!

I noticed that you've also connected with my teammate Ian, through a support case. It looks like Ian replied to your e-mail, sharing insight on disk size and working with media in Rise 360. We can continue the conversation through your case to keep all information in one spot.