SCORM Package malfunctioning in Google Chrome


I am having an issue with how an Articulate Rise SCORM package is handling my links in Google Chrome. I created a text link inside our Rise course which when clicked on should open a PDF in a new browser tab. However, instead of opening in a new browser tab it opens in the same browser tab. This is a problem, because after the PDF opens in the same broswer tab it is not possible to go back to the Rise SCORM course. The only way to get back to the course is to close the browser tab and relaunch the SCORM inside Blackboard.

Is there a way to set a text link to always open in a new browser tab? For example by adding a target="_blank" atrribute to the link. We are only experiencing this problem when using Chrome, but not with Firefox. The institution I work for mostly works with Chrome so that is why I can't suggest that everyone use Firefox.

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Anthony Karcz

Hey, Vincent! I tried this out and my links are opening in a new tab automatically. If you're testing this out on an LMS, it's possible that it's your LMS that's controlling how this works.

Try uploading your course to SCORM Cloud to see if you experience the same behavior. It's a great way to determine whether the problem stems from the course or the LMS. Here's an article that walks you through how to do that.

If it works correctly on SCORM Cloud, then the problem is coming from the LMS and you'll need to talk to your provider.

If you see the same issue on SCORM Cloud, then the problem is likely coming from the course itself. If that's the case, please reach out to our support team.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. :)

Vincent Setenane

Hi, Anthony

Thanks for the reply. The issue was with the LMS. I found that if I right-click on the link and select to open it in a new tab then it works fine. After having had right-clicked on a text link the browser automatically started opening all text links in a new tab when left-clicking.

Kind regards