SCORM Package not reporting Time/Completion in LMS

I believe this may be an LMS issue. I know students are accessing and going through our lessons (created in RISE and exported into a SCORM package). Is there a way student could bypass to the end of a Rise lesson (many content pages with embedded videos) without actually going through it if the navigation is restricted? Is this possible?

Also, on our student progress, the first student is always showing as having never accessed. 

We are using Schoology as our LMS. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Angela.  Restricted navigation will prevent users from skipping ahead to lessons out of sequence.  Tell me a little more about your setup - in what way do you need to restrict the navigation and still allow learners to jump ahead if necessary?

And I would agree that the best course of action for the issue with the first student would be to reach out to your LMS support team.  You could perform some preliminary troubleshooting with SCORM Cloud to confirm that your course is reporting correctly for multiple students.

Angela Sands

Thank you for your reply, Crystal. We don't want them to go forward. I just can't figure out how they are getting to the end without going to each content page. I just set restricted in the settings. What I am seeing is that no time is calculated and they have "completed" it. 

I will reach out to Schoology and see if they have any suggestions as well. 

Adarsh Char

I'm not sure if I should create a new post but I'm having a similar problem in D2L. I have several Rise packages for which I would like to restrict navigation. For some reason, and I haven't been able to discern any particular pattern or block that triggers this problem, but on some lessons, the user is not able to complete the lesson. The completion circle in the menu shows nearly 100% - but not quite fully 100% and so the user is unable to move forward. I have reduced completion tracking to 75% when I export the SCORM package as a workaround. 

I've tried exporting using SCORM 1.2 as well as 2004 and I see the same results. Incidentally, I am only seeing this behavior on MacOS - any browser. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Adarsh, 

No need to create a new post, we can always respond here! 

Have you checked that they've scrolled to the bottom of that lesson section to truly complete it? I know I've seen that before myself and just had to scroll a touch farther. 

Also, you could test uploading the course to another environment such as SCORM Cloud to see if it's an issue with completion overall or how D2L is tracking it. If it does register complete at SCORM Cloud that's good information to share with your LMS team, and if it doesn't let us know and we can take a look! 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Adarsh.  Would you be willing to test some of these same exports in SCORM Cloud for comparison?  I haven't see lessons that don't fully complete once you've interacted or seen all of the elements.  Since this is happening on several of your courses, I'm curious if it is indeed an LMS issue.  SCORM Cloud can help us figure this out.

If you'd like a hand with testing, connect with our support team here!

Adarsh Char

Hi Ashley and Crystal. Looks like there were no issues on SCORM Cloud so I guess its just the LMS. I'm not sure I know how to debug that because I don't have sufficient privileges on the LMS. Ashley, I did have the person having issues go through it with me watching their screen so definitely not a scrolling issue - we maximized the screen, etc. 

Adarsh Char

After checking it out again, I noticed that this is still happening while using Firefox on Mac. After changing the completion tracking to 75% when exporting the SCORM package, the issue is no longer present in Chrome on the Mac.  I was able to confirm that this is specifically a problem only in D2L. When viewing the same Course in SCORM Cloud I was able to get all the way through even on Firefox. Thanks for helping me isolate the problem - looks like this is something I'll need to take up with the LMS folks.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, Adarsh for that update. I had actually just tested myself in SCORM Cloud and Firefox and didn't see the same issue - so definitely worth reaching out to your LMS team about! Rise does have an LMS debug mode if that'll help you track down the differences in what is being sent to your LMS vs. what they're capturing. Here's how to enable it. 

Also, please do keep us posted! I know a few folks here in ELH use D2L so it'd be good to know what they share.