SCORM Player for website

I've used Articulate to generate a course, and I'd like to integrate it with a website I've been working on by exporting it as a SCORM file.

We'd like to track usage and progress statistics, which I believe SCORM provides, but haven't had luck finding a simple SCORM player.

It seems we either need to purchase an LMS or use third-party services that require users to register on the third-party hosted site in order to get anywhere with SCORM.

Is there a simple SCORM player or SCORM player service (such as SCORM Cloud) that doesn't require end-user registration that anyone can recommend?

Thanks in advance.

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Nelson Lau

Thanks Karl,
My website will have user accounts registering -- can I treat my website as the "LMS"? Ideally just looking to be able to allow them to authenticate, play the SCORM file in a browser, and I (somehow) will be able to collect the SCORM data. What is the best way to achieve this?

Thanks again

Karl Muller

While your web site may be able to authenticate users, it is not a LMS.

The SCORM standards dictate which data and the format of the data that will be collected and sent to the LMS for storage.

If you publish your course using one of the SCORM standards, your web site is not set up to receive and store the SCORM data being sent from the Rise course.

A LMS is capable of doing this.