Scrolling issue with Rise courses on iPhones

We are having an issue whereby the learner can not scroll fully to the bottom of the course on an iphone to go to the next section. You can only do this if you scroll on the very RHS of the frame. We have built 120+ courses in Rise and are about to launch, so you will see that this is a major issue. Can you please advise as a matter of urgency. The courses work fine on Android. This is a very serious problem and we need to solve otherwise we have no product! Please tell me we haven't invested all this time, money and effort in the wrong tool. By the way we see the same problem when we visit on an iphone - you can not scroll down fully so that you can go to the next section.

Also when a learner exits the Rise piece on iPhone - you get the goodbye message but there is no obvious way to close the window so you can get back to the LMS - can you advise.


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Terry Simmons

Hi - our courses are hosted in Moodle. Share works fine, Android from Moodle is fine but not on any iPhone. I have read through the various forums and this seems to be a consistent problem whereby you can't get to the next section link at the end of each section. Has Articulate come up with a fix or workaround for this?

Grateful for your help as this is holding up the launch of our 120+ Rise course catalogue and delivery of some projects to clients.

Regards Terry

Matthew Bibby

Terry, as a workaround, have you considered adding a Continue block to the end of each section? I know this isn't ideal, but it might be a quick fix while waiting for Articulate to investigate the bigger issue.

It would also be a good idea to test one of your courses on SCORM Cloud to see if the issue occurs there as well. 

Terry Simmons

Hi Matthew - we have over 120 courses with a lot of sections and these are already in the LMS so would be a huge job - appreciate the thought though. :-) 

It seems to be around iframe sizing - but we could really do with a standard resolution for everybody who runs into this problem who may have iphone users (works fine on Android).

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Terry. 

We're seeing some issues with scrolling Rise 360 lessons from Moodle on iPhones. In our own testing, we found the content is still displayed in an iframe even when launched in a new window.

We're going to investigate, and we'll update you here. I'm sorry I don't have a workaround to offer at this time.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Terry,

Thanks for giving us some time to look into this behavior.

Even when your course is launched in a new window, Moodle displays Rise 360 content inside an iframe. This generates two scrollbars — an inner scrollbar for the Rise 360 content inside the iframe, and an outer scrollbar for the Moodle interface. This short mobile screen recording displays the two scrollbars.

If you scroll down on a mobile device but you can’t see the next button, this is likely because the outer scrollbar hasn’t reached the bottom of the Moodle interface.  

Unfortunately, the Rise 360 output doesn’t control this behavior in Moodle. Connect with your Moodle support to find out if there is a way to displace your courses in a new window without any Moodle interface/iframe.

Terry Simmons

Hi Alyssa - Moodle output on Android is absolutely fine and works as expected - it just doesn't work on iPhone! Are you suggesting that Moodle doesn't use an iframe for Android as I am unsure as to why the same Moodle output will work for one and not the other? I would be most grateful for your feedback.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Terry! 

Thanks for your patience while we tested this behavior on several devices. We found significant differences in scrolling behavior on iPhone devices compared to Android devices.

On an iPhone, scrolling in the middle of the screen only affects the inner iframe and the inner scrollbar. When the inner scrollbar reaches the bottom, you get stuck. You have to move your finger to the right edge of the screen to scroll the outer scrollbar. 

On Android, scrolling in the middle of the screen affects the inner iframe. When the inner scrollbar reaches the bottom, the outer scrollbar immediately takes over and scrolls down without you moving your finger.

Hopefully that helps to clarify why you're seeing a difference in behavior when viewing Moodle courses on iPhone and Android devices. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Aaron. I see your case with our team as well which included a video of the behavior. It looks like the Rise course is displaying in a frame on the hosting site you're using. Is there a way to set your site to allow the Rise course to launch in a new browser window? The Rise course itself doesn't control this behavior, and it will work best if it launches in a new window by itself.