Searching and using 'characters' as images in RISE360 lesson?

Hi, I want to know if I can search the RISE360 content library for the Articulate people 'character' series/sets and then use the selected people as images in my lesson?  I've tried a couple of different content searches but can't seem to get the people characters to come up in the results, I can only seem to use the characters in the scenario blocks..

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Millie Colon

How can i search for a specific photo in one of your templates without doing multiple searches and scrolling through multiple photos? I tried using the stock number  used for contact inf in one of your templates (sh3LSNbyj7k)   but it won't pull the photo up. If i copy to another presentation it sends the whole lesson over...i just want the photo? How can i copy content from one lesson to another?


Karl Muller

Hi Millie,

If the image you want to use is already in a Rise image block, you can create a Template block that contains that photo/image.

Once you have created the template, go to your other course or lesson where you want to re-use the image, and insert the block with the image from the Template block library.