Section starts halfway down, not at beginning

I am creating an elearning lesson on Choosing Joy. When the user clicks on the section called “How Do We Choose More Joy?” the section jumps right down to “Watch the Brené Brown video on Gratitude and Joy.” missing the title of the section and the paragraph preceding the video. I would like it to land on the title and paragraph and let the user scroll down to watch the video. This may be a browser issue, but I want it to work correctly for all users. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Laurie!

I noticed the lesson called “How Do We Choose More Joy?” includes a Storyline Block with a text entry field.

We're seeing a problem in Rise 360 where Storyline Blocks with a text entry field will cause the lesson to jump down past some of the first blocks in the lesson.

Try this: Add a Continue block prior to the Storyline block. Then, let me know if you see an improvement in that lesson. I'll be standing by!