Seeking a way to provide editable Rise course as a download

We're looking for a way to transfer Rise courses from one Articulate account to another via download.

I found this support article:

...however, this doesn't help us with our exact use case - we want to be able to host our completed rise courses on our website, allowing other people with copies of Articulate to download them and make edits.

Is this currently possible with Rise courses?

Also - is it possible with Storyline 360 courses?

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Tom Kuhlmann

You can send a copy of the Rise course to someone so they can edit from within Rise. You can also collaborate together on Rise courses with a team account. However, as you noted you don't have a file you can download and upload for someone else to edit.

You can do this in Storyline by making the .story file available for download and the other person can open it with Storyline.

If you have a teams account, it's easy because you can upload the course file and anyone on the teams account has access to the slides.