Seeking Solutions For Embedding A Chat Feature/Forum Into Rise360 Content

Can anyone share examples or case studies of any forum / chat software that you've successfully embedded and implemented w/ Rise 360 courses that provides users with a synchronous chat feature?

Just curious if anyone out there has found a chat app to use in conjunction with content built in Rise or a Rise course that provides  for an interactive experience with the users?      

Any ideas and solutions are welcome here!   Many thanks.

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Hello Cassandra, I haven't played with this in the past so I thought why not give it a go!

A quick google gave me several free chat services and I went with the first one,
It let me create a chat group and generated code for the chat box.

I then opened up note pad and created a super basic html page and pasted the chat box code into the body of the page.  Then I hosted the page on the internet and copied the html link to it.

I tried using the Rise embed block but it wouldn't load the page. I refused to give up! 

Next I tried referencing the published page through a web object in Storyline. That worked. So, lastly, I used a Storyline block in Rise and... it worked.

I hope this all made sense. If not, HMU on LinkedIn.

Cassandra Black

Owen ~

WOW and thank you!   I am so grateful for your response and your spectacular solution!   I can't wait to dig in tonight and try to replicate your success.    I will reach out on LinkedIn if any questions or problems pop up.   Thank you again for not giving up and forging a path into the unknown.       

I've noticed several interactive discussion needs/requests in this community dating back several years ... this could be a game changer for many designers!   

Many blessings sent both to you and David for your efforts on solving this dilemma.  Perhaps it's time for a SUPERSTAR status for you guys!