Send Survey answers (short answers & Essay answers) from SL3 to SL360 --> Rise 360 --> LMS

I am building a course (on Rise 360) where users are expected to watch a video and share their feedback.

I understand there is no option in Rise 360 to have a survey type "knowledge check". Hence, I want an ability to create survey type on Story Line 3, publish it on SL360 (to be added as an interactive element on Rise 360).

Most importantly, I want the results to be sent to LMS. I am using Scorm Cloud as our LMS solution.

I tried to do the setup based on but as mentioned here, it doesn't seem to work for SL3 or SL360.

I am urgently in need of help as this course needs to be completed in a week's time and there are close to 30-40 free-text (short answer + essay answer type) questions being used in this course.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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