Seriously bugg in your version control

Aug 06, 2019

Dear Articulate people

I love Articulate and I love Rise, but lately there is something seriously wrong with you version control. Each time I do changes I get the message that "accountname" is working on this. (Accountname is my accountname) If I choose to take control, I lose all the adjustments I made. But I have no other choice, because I don't have the project open anywhere else. This has been going on for days now, and it's seriously starting to frustrate me. I have already lost up to 8 hours of work. Screenshots will tell you more

Please fix asap. 

PS. Image upload is also not working half of the time

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Crystal Horn

Hi there! It sounds like this is more than an inconvenience if you're noticing missing edits. I'll make sure we can help.

I've opened a case with my team so we can get some information about the course that is displaying this behavior. We've seen this happen when there's a "broken" element in a course. You'll get an email from our team with next steps. 

Thank you for reaching out!

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