Shared courses and unsharing

Jun 05, 2018


I've got a few questions related to Sharing my courses.

  • Is there a way to see a consolidated list of all my "published" courses? 
    e.g., If I've created 5 course but only clicked Share for 3, is there a dashboard/list of shared courses?
  • If I have shared a course and then want to "unshare" it so that nobody can use it anymore, how can I do that, without deleting the course?


- Dino

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dino!  Sounds like you need a way to distinguish your live courses from ones in progress.

We don't keep track of your use of the Share URL in Rise.  When I have a finished course that I don't want to accidentally edit, I add it to a folder I created called Production.  You could set up something similar.

The Share URL will always be active for your course.  You could duplicate your course (which will create a new, unique URL), and then delete the original copy of your course.  The original URL would no longer work in that case.

Will you be exporting your Rise courses for a learning management system, or for your own web server at some point?  You'll have tighter control over who accesses your course (as well as tracking abilities with a LMS) with those routes!

Dino Apostolopoulos

Hi Crystal,

We're on track to have an LMS set by the end of this year so yes, eventually we'll be using that to distribute courses & lessons. 

I've setup folders in Rise to help with that, it's just too bad (I also submitted a suggestion to be able to set my default folder/view), so I'm on the path you suggested.

With an Articulate 360 plan I'm thinking about down the road I'll be at a point where I've created and published lessons from multiple tools (e.g., Storyline, Rise, Presenter). Is there a centralized "dashboard" that shows ALL the courses I've published online with Articulate?


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