Sharing a course

Apr 17, 2020

What is the best recommended way of sharing a course that has 4 parts of eLearning to a selected audience?

We are working for an NHS trust and usually upload our courses onto our LMS. 

We have some external staff that will not be able to access our LMS and we would like to share our 4 parts eLearning with them. I have looked at sharing which seems easy enough but we do not seem to be able include password or have some type of security? is this even possible? is there also a way of viewing if they have finished and/or completed the course if we are only sharing the course?  Any suggestion, advise would be great! thank you so much in advance. :)


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Karl Muller

You could use the SHARE option, although my understanding is that feature is to be used for "light" sharing. For example, we use the SHARE link only when we need to have a SME review something.

You can put a password on your SHARE link.

There is no way of tracking learner activity using a SHARE link. You need a LMS for that.

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