Sharing and storage of Rise files

We are new to 360 this year, and we're trying to find the best way to store and pass access to courses built in Rise. Storyline has the .story file, so we can store it on a drive for whomever needs it, but Rise doesn't have a root file, only the exported .zip file for upload.

We are wondering how we can manage the Rise courses so that we have a central repository. What if an author is not active now or moves on to another job, and now a new person needs to access the course to update it? How do you recommend managing this? Is collaborating the only way to ensure that the Rise file outlasts the tenure of the author? 

We're adding courses very quickly and need a plan.

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Joseph Cunningham

I'm aware of collaborating, and that solves part of my problem, but not all. It appears I cannot filter courses that I'm collaborating on to a folder, which is essential for finding things as we build out. It looks like we need to add a process step to submission or publishing guidelines to have them send the LMS admins a copy of the course. Seems like the only way we can centrally store them. I also worry about what happens to courses if they are not shared and then that person no longer is a part of the organization. I don't know if those courses can be recovered or claimed by another.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph, 

There isn't a way to access another user's Rise courses, but I know a few other users have asked for similar, so we're tracking those feature requests. I'll add this discussion to that report so that I can update you here! 

In the meantime, if you have a user leave your team or company, there's a way you can access their courses with some help from your IT staff. Here's how: 

1) Ask your IT staff to temporarily forward the user's email address to you or to grant you temporary access to their email account. You'll need this to complete step 3 below. 

2) Add the email address back to your Articulate 360 Teams account as a user, temporarily. 

3) Reset the user's Articulate 360 password here: 

4) Sign into Articulate 360 with the user's email address and new password: 

5) Transfer ownership of each Rise course to another user on your team.

6) When you're done, you can remove the user from your Articulate 360 account. 

Hope that helps! 

Joseph Cunningham

Thanks, Ashley

What we landed on was this: we will publish any course in Rise only after the author has forwarded a copy to myself as the lead LMS admin. Then I can categorize it into a folder and repeat the process for my fellow admin. The same process will apply to any updates.

I'll add this process to the documentation in case this ever is needed.

I appreciate the feature request interest. We have the teams subscription so we can pass licenses around. We can't risk losing progress building courses because that person finds a new, great job or moves to another division.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Nice setup, Joseph. I imagine others may be curious to see this internal documentation if you're able to share. 

We'll let you know if this feature (or something similar) is included in Rise. Our team often promotes popular features on our “What’s New” page and you can always check the Rise Version history to see what's been fixed and added. 

Waltraud Kaspar-Hieke

Hello Ashley,
since the last answer 9 months ago I didn't see a new feature. Is there now a software solution for downloading the tutorials created in Rise?
At the moment I'm creating tutorials with an educational licence for the university.
Later, however, I would like to take over some tutorials and further expand this into a private license. At the moment I do not see any possibility for this. Do I have a chance?




Kris Kriegel

Thanks for asking the question again Waltruad. My team has run into a situation where an employee left abruptly - and of course left us with no creator access to a Rise piece. Getting our IT group to turn on the email address even for a day would be a drawn out process when we need access today. We are actually recreating the piece (thankfully it's not long). Please include me on the string for any additional updates.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Kris,

I'm sorry to hear you ended up having to recreate it! If this ever happens again, try reaching out to our support team before recreating the course. They may be able to help you recover the course.

I'll let you know via this thread if there are any updates on this feature.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Fernanda Andrade


I found this thread because our team is currently using Rise for many of our training courses. And because we have so many different courses, we use folders to keep things organized. However, I noticed that if I am not the course owner I cannot organize the courses that were shared with me (and owned by someone else) into folders. We need to collaborate in almost every course, so when I open my page in Rise it's full of courses owned by other people which I can't organize into folders. Is there any way I can organize courses shared with me for collaboration, but that are not owned by me?


Allison LaMotte

Hi everyone,

Good news: now it’s easy to transfer Rise 360 content from one team member to another when someone leaves the team. 

Check out this video to see how it works and this step-by-step tutorial for more details. 

And these aren't the only cool features we released today! Visit our what’s new page for the full list.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. :)