Sharing Rise course with custom fonts

Jan 19, 2019

When sharing a course that has custom fonts, will the user that receives the shared course have any way to know that custom theme fonts were used?

Does the same answer apply whether they do or don't have the fonts loaded on their end?

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Leisa F

Thanks Allison. I think I should clarify. I understand that a 'learner' won't need the fonts loaded to view in a publish with the fonts showing correctly. I am more concerned about sharing a course for someone else to do additional editing and/or publishing. This 'team' developer would be familiar with Rise and be able to adjust Template fonts, etc.

So do I understand your answer correctly that unless it is communicated independently - there is no way for a second developer to know that a custom font has been applied (whether they have the font loaded or not)? There is no way to know that a font is 'missing' in Rise?

So custom and or theme fonts are linked only to a user's account, and not to a course in particular? Each independent editor would need to apply font settings? Does the same rule apply for custom fonts as well as the default font options in Rise?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jen!

I have an update for you from our product team.

When the original course author sets a custom font in a course, that custom font will show in all lessons when collaborators edit the course. However, collaborators will not see the font listed when they go to Course Settings > Customize Theme. The reason for this is the collaborators don't have the custom font installed in their account.

When your collaborators open the lessons, do they not see the correct custom font used in the block headings and body font? 

Karen Polik

We are experiencing this on my team as well, but we all have the custom fonts installed. We use a custom font for our Rise courses, and everyone on our team has the custom font installed. My teammate applied the custom font to a course and then made me a Course Manager. When I open his Rise course and go to Settings > Fonts, the default Lato/Merriweather fonts appear.
Interesting to note, however, the custom color that he set does remain.
When I apply the custom fonts to the same course and then make a third teammate a Course Manager, her system displays the default Lato/Merriweather fonts. 
We have each tried logging out and logging back in, waiting several hours, etc., but the old default fonts still appear in the course.

I'd like to hear updates on this topic.

Thank you.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jeannina. When you send a copy of a course to your teammates, they'll receive the custom font with it. This works a little differently than collaborators. When they open their copy of the course, they should see the font listed in the settings as well.

Since it doesn't sound like that's happening, start a case with our team, and we can see what happens when you send a copy to us.

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