Should I use Storyline 3 to create quizzes or Storyline 360? I need to have access to the quizzes but in Storyline they are just Review 360 files. Where and how can I store Review 360 files?

I create course modules in Rise 360 but I have to create quizzes in Storyline360 and publish them as a Review 360 file; then I integrate it as a "block" in Rise, mixed with other text and video blocks. I cannot use Rise to create all my quizzes because Rise doesn't have sequencing, drag & drop, and the result/review/print slide.

My concern is that the Review 360 files expire if our subscriptions expire. In that case, I cannot switch to another authoring tool because I'll lose all my quizzes stored on Review. Can I save a copy of the Review 360 files? Or even if I can save them locally, I'm afraid it won't necessary to be compatible with other authoring tools?

If I simply use Storyline3 to create quizzes, how can I integrate them into Rise 360? Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Yifan! Good questions.

Storyline 3 content in Rise 360

Because Storyline 3 doesn't integrate with Review 360, you can't bring Storyline 3 quizzes into Rise 360 using a Storyline block. You can use an embed block, but the Storyline 3 quiz would need to be hosted on another web server.

Storyline 360 content in Rise 360

When you use a Storyline block in Rise 360, it pulls in your published Storyline 360 course. The exported Rise 360 course does not need to refer to Review 360; it contains the Storyline interaction in the exported files.

If your Articulate 360 subscription expires, you won't have access to your Review 360 dashboard, Rise 360 or Storyline 360. After 6 months, we'll delete the Review 360 and Rise 360 content. Any Storyline 360 files you've saved, including the project files (.story) and output files (folders and zipped folders), will remain intact on your local C: drive.

The next question to ask: How will you be hosting your Rise 360 content? If you are exporting it for LMS, your output will work in your LMS as long as there are no major browser changes that make it incompatible. You won't need to have an active subscription for the output to continue to work on your LMS.

Let me know if you have follow-up questions!

Yifan Mu

Hi Crystal.

I do have a follow-up question. I wonder how can I host the quizzes on a site (e.g. our website instead of Articulate review or Articulate online). I want to generate a link for the quizzes that can be sent to other people or inserted into a page. So when people click on the link, they can do the quizzes.   

I have a folder when I use storyline > publish for web. I uploaded the HTML file to our website, clicked on the link but I got nothing. What is the right way to do this? Thank you!