Skipping a lesson

Dec 08, 2020

Hello. I've just done my first RISE course! Yay, me! I have one lesson that I would like most of the audience to be able to skip, while still "completing" the course.

Is there a way for me to do this? I'm currently handling it through a text instruction, but I have a feeling there should be a "Continue" block or a divider that makes this possible...

Please share. Thank you.

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Chino Navarro

Hi Patricia, 

You can add a button block and set it to jump to a different lesson in the course. This gives learners the ability to skip a lesson. 


To make sure the learners can complete the course, be sure to check the course's tracking. If it is set to "Track using course completion," you need to adjust the percentage to account for the lesson that the learners could skip.